Tips to Repair Broken Tiles

Tips to Repair Broken Tiles

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Let’s face it, accidents happen, things get broken, and depending on the thing, this can be more or less of a big problem. When it comes to certain things though, having to deal with it being broken can be very time consuming and expensive.

For example, perhaps you have found yourself in the awful position of having to look at and deal with a broken tile. Maybe even more than one! Many of us have tiled floors and walls and, due to the fact that we walk on them, put things on them and drop things on them on a daily basis, we have a tendency to forget that they are not in fact indestructible!

Sadly though, the universe tends to remind us of their fragility in the harshest way possible.

Why is DIY Tile Repair or DIY Tile Replacement So Important?

Given that tiles are set in cement, always among other similar or identical tiles, having one that is broken is very visible and can be very dangerous!

It will come as no surprise to you that tiles are very sharp and although they have been made to be smooth and comfortable for us to touch and walk on, once they break, their sharp edges reveal themselves, making them very dangerous to walk on.

In some cases, a crack in the tile, if left for too long, can create a distance in height between the two halves of the tile, making both edges not only sharp, but also a tripping hazard.

An easy and temporary solution would be to just be mindful of the broken tile and maybe wear shoes in the house, but for households that are the home to kids and/or pets alike, this simply isn’t an option.

So if you can, what can you do to repair a broken tile?

How to Fix Your DIY Tile Repair Issue

First of all, it is important to know that there is no foolproof method of repairing a broken tile. Once it has broken you will need to have it lifted out and replaced with a new, whole tile.

That said, sometimes getting someone out to repair our tiles can take some time and in order to ensure your safety and that of those who live with you too, there are indeed certain things that you can do to temporarily repair the broken tile.

The most common and effective way of dealing with a broken tile is by using glaze to fill in the crack. The glaze will fix itself to the edges of the crack, taking away the risk of the sharp edges that could harm you and/or your family members.

Once the glaze has set, some people opt to paint over the crack.

The paint will obviously not do anything to help with the repair of the crack itself, but it will give the tiles a more uniform look once more.

The paint is really just a style tip, if you will, but can be helpful if you cannot afford to have someone deal with your broken tile any time soon.

Some people have also found that using wood glue is another effective way of repairing a broken tile temporarily.

In order to do this you must first add a thick layer of wood glue to the crack in the tile. Fill the crack to the best of your ability with the wood glue. Once it has dried, you can scrape off the excess glue with a scraper, a knife, or anything with a strong, thin edge.

Then, as an added measure, you can paint over the crack with either nail polish or any paint that you have laying around that mostly resembles the original colour of your tile.

The extra paint job is just something that you could do to hide the crack in the tile for your own personal benefit. It will not, however, help to maintain the structure of the broken tile.

Is This the Best Route to Take for DIY Tile Repair?

It is important to note that no amount of DIY repairs will ever truly repair a broken tile. Much like you wouldn’t drink out of a broken glass, you should not walk on a broken tile.

The best way to deal with a broken tile is to have it replaced as quickly as possible. Yes, this can be a nuisance of a job and depending on your tiles, it may be difficult to find an exact replica of your tiles! Tiles do go out of style and out of stock much the same as all decoration pieces.

That being said, if you were to look on the bright side, this could be the perfect time for a room make-over!

The repair that you can do yourself to your tiles will not be a permanent solution to your problem. Even if the glue or the glaze that you have applied to the crack seem to be holding up well and are used to hold certain things together for very long periods of time, they were definitely not made to hold broken tiles together, and however long it may take, they will eventually succumb to their weaknesses and leave you with a broken tile once more.

The problem is that you may realise that they no longer are strong enough to hold your tile together, after someone has already hurt themselves on it.

It really isn’t worth the risk.

The Bottom Line

If you cannot get a professional out to help you replace your broken tile, or all of them, should that be the best solution, then yes, absolutely do repair them to the best of your abilities yourself for the time being.

Just remember that no matter how good the job may look, you will eventually have to replace that broken tile and sooner will be much better than later!

Here at Bits Bobs & Odd Jobs, we have a wide array of experts and handymen who each specialise in their own sector. Why not contact us and let’s see if we can find you a professional who is capable of replacing that one or all of the tiles, as soon as possible!

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