These 5 upgrades will increase your home’s value

These 5 upgrades will increase your home’s value


Everyone wants to make sure that they are getting the best out of their properties. And why not? Many homeowners will eventually find that their homes need a bit of a helping hand when it comes to keeping at ‘their best’ – and that doesn’t just mean in terms of everyday value, but financial value, too.

The fact is, there are various jobs and tasks around the home which actually count as easy home upgrades. The best home upgrades are those that you can easily bring on board without the need for you to worry about paying out for extensions, or making major changes that are going to affect your everyday life.

As leading handyman experts operating across London and beyond, we know the best ways for you to make the best of your home. Instead of shelling out thousands on a new conservatory or a loft conversion, why not make a point of checking out the following – well – checks? Don’t forget, while these affordable home upgrades may not seem like the most glamorous or even the most important, you’d be surprised at how far they can get you.

Get Those Leaks Fixed

Leaks are seriously annoying. Even if you only find one or two drips, they can soon turn into a major issue or two later down the line. One of the best house updates that increase value without much work is getting your guttering in check, for example.

Guttering and downpipe problems can cause all kinds of concerns when it comes to damp conditions, and if you have water pooling on your roof for any reason, it will only be a matter of time before it starts seeping into the rooms below. If there’s one thing that’s going to seriously tear down the value of your home, it’s a damp carpet.

Therefore, ask your local handyman to do a full check of your home. You might be at risk of leaks in some of the most inopportune places. Therefore, instead of leaving wonky piping or poor roof tiling to become an issue further down the line, make a point of reaching out to someone who can help you out.

Upgrade Your Wiring

If you can’t remember the last time you had your wiring and/or fuse box checked, then now is probably a good time to get it all checked out. It’s easy enough to think that your electrical bits and pieces are built to last. However, over time, things can fray and erode. Not only that, but you’re also at risk of all kinds of rodents and critters doing damage here and there to your cables, too.

Therefore, again, it really does pay to get someone in to check your electrical situation. A handyman from BBOJ can help you by updating your home wiring and fuse box, making sure that everything is operating as it should and ensuring that you can safely continue to keep your broadband running 24/7!

Rethink Your Carpets

If there’s one thing that ages pretty poorly from house to house, it’s flooring and carpets. There are probably still plenty of us using carpeting that last went out of fashion in 1989! Therefore, if you really want to update and upgrade your home to weather the years to come, it’s time to start ripping up the floors.

This can be a big job, so you should ideally make sure you have access to local experts and handyman services at a low cost. Carpeting can and will take a long time to completely upgrade and replace if you are sorting out the whole of your home. However, to upgrade your home efficiently, and to add serious value to your property, think about changing to neutral shades and styles – ones which won’t look dated and tired in a few years’ time.

That’s going to add amazing value to your home – as timeless as possible is the key.

Get Rid of the Rot

A bit of mould here and there isn’t surprising in the home if it’s been a wet few weeks. However, give black mould or rising damp and rot an inch, and they will certainly take a mile or two. No – getting rot fixed isn’t one of your luxury home upgrades, but what it definitely is, is future-proofing your property against all kinds of problems further down the line.

Mould and rot can cause health problems – not just unsightly marks and peeling walls. Therefore, you are adding house updates that increase value in multiple ways – you’re making sure that you keep it healthy to live in, and you’re also keeping a fantastic look in place.

Handyman experts at BBOJ will always be happy to help take a look at any damp or rot problems that are causing you a headache. Don’t put up with these nasty conditions! If anything like this is springing up, make a point of calling us as soon as you can.

Add Smarter Storage

We’ve said this before, and we’ll say it again – make use of your vertical space! If you find that your kitchen or bathroom is cluttered, and you don’t have much floor or workspace to begin with, then think about the height of your ceilings.

Cheap and easy home upgrades such as setting up shelving or the odd hook here and there could add fantastic value to your home. Anyone who sees that there is a smarter, quicker way to store items than to just let everything pile up all over the place is going to want to invest in you.

Therefore, if you have got designs on some shelving and need a helping hand setting everything up, all you need to do is call BBOJ at 0208 244 5070.

In fact, if you have any odd jobs or potential upgrades you’d like us to weigh in on, all you have to do is call 0208 244 5070. We are London’s local odd job experts – here to improve your property for less money than you’d normally expect to pay!

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