How to prepare your home for Christmas

How to prepare your home for Christmas

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Christmas is a wonderful time of the year, with homes filled with family, friends and merriment. But to really get into that Christmas feeling, and to be prepared to host the extended family for a few days, there are few things that need to be done around the home, from putting up decorations to clearing out the gutters. Here is how to best prepare your home for Christmas.

Christmas tree

The Christmas tree is a tradition that goes back to the Victorian era, and no Christmas decorations would be complete with out a tree of some sort. However, putting up a tree can be difficult if you are on your own or cannot lift heavy items. If you struggle to put your tree up, why not call your favourite local London handyman from BBOJ to help you put up the tree, and even help you decorate it if you would like!

Put up Christmas decorations

Some people like to have a little tinsel around their homes or to hang their Christmas cards from some string as a form of Xmas bunting, but other like to go all out with lights hanging from the windows and a flashing Rudolph the red-nosed reindeer on the roof. If you like to go all out on your Christmas decorations around the home, but for whatever reason are struggling to put them up yourself this year, then Bits Bobs and Odd Jobs is here to help. Our friendly multi-trader handymen are comfortable up ladders, on roofs, and working with electricals, so perfect to help you put up the Christmas display of your dreams.

Clear the gutters

Nobody wants to wake up to a leak coming through the ceiling on Christmas morning, and with the cold and wet weather expected over the Christmas period November is the time to clear your gutters to make sure the rainwater drains away from your homes instead of through it! Leaves and other debris get caught in the gutters every year, and so if you are having people to stay, best to avoid the worry and get them cleared today by calling a local London handyman.

Declutter the spare bedroom

If you are having family members to stay, such as parents, siblings, or grandchildren, you will need to clear our any spare room you have to make space. If you find that you have some junk you need collected, then get in touch with a local junk removal company. If you find that after clearing the space it turns out the room might need a fresh lick of paint to make it feel a little more welcoming, then a local painter and decorator can help out if required.

Fix the guest bed (or assemble a new one)

Once you have cleared out the spare room, you should check to make sure it is not missing any slats and the mattress is comfy to lie on. If the bed feels a little rickety and you need some help making sure it safe and secure, or if you have bought a new flatpack bed and need some help putting it together, then call in a professional handyman to get the job done with a minimum of fuss.

Service the boiler

In general, gas boilers should be serviced every year to make sure that they are safe and running efficiently. If you have not booked in your boiler for a service, then their is not time like the present! You want to avoid the situation where your boiler stops working the moment your guests arrive and the temperature plunges below zero, but more importantly a faulty boiler can pose a serious health and safety risk, so get a service booked in before the Christmas entertaining period begins.

If you need some help getting your London home ready for Christmas, or need any other help around your property then call Bits Bobs and Odd Jobs today on 0208 244 5070 or book online.

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