Low Cost Handyman Prices

Here at BBOJ, we understand that time and money are precious to you. That much is obvious! However, you might already be finding some local handyman services rates to be pretty extortionate. Unfortunately, there are plenty of firms out there who are more than willing to charge over the odds, even if it’s just a one off job such as painting a bedroom!

We’ve spent plenty of time drawing up an affordable handyman price list we think is fair to local people who might not have all the money in the world to spend on DIY. We’re competitive by design. Even if you’re unsure how much to pay a handyman per hour near me, we’re still not going to pull the wool over your eyes. In fact, we’re upfront and clear on everything you pay for before we even get started.

The average handyman hourly rate near me will vary. After all, it depends on the jobs you need a handyman to do, how big these tasks are, and how long you need their support for. In some cases, you might end up paying a handyman elsewhere for time he doesn’t actually use! At BBOJ, you only ever pay local handyman rates for the time we spend painting, fixing, fitting and anything else you have in mind.

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Be Careful with Cheap Commercial Handyman Rates

Ok – you may well have found cheap handyman labour rates in your area. Chances are, there are going to be plenty of local tradespeople and services willing to help you out for a little bit of cash. But how can you really be sure that you’re getting the best quality care from them in return?
The fact is some firms and handymen will offer you low cost services in return for poor quality care. This really isn’t fair! In our eyes, even if you pay for affordable low cost handyman services, you should receive quality support and expertise as standard. If you’re going to trust anyone with a hammer or joinery equipment in your home, it doesn’t matter how much you pay them.

If you’re looking closely for cheap handyman cost per hour, be sure to look for proof of quality in the work a specialist provides. Do they have photographic proof of what they do? What about customer reviews? These are things you absolutely must look for, even if you find cheap handyman rates per hour completely amazing.



£70 + VAT* ( £84 VAT inclusive )
  • £35+ VAT ( £42 VAT inclusive ) / HALF HOUR THEREAFTER*

  • 1/2 DAY RATE : £220 + VAT* ( £264 VAT inclusive )

  • DAY RATE : £390 + VAT* ( £468 VAT inclusive )




£85 + VAT* ( £102 VAT inclusive )
  • £42.50 + VAT ( £51 VAT inclusive ) / HALF HOUR THEREAFTER*

  • 1/2 DAY RATE : £270 + VAT* ( £324 VAT inclusive )

  • DAY RATE : £550 + VAT* ( £660 VAT inclusive )


*Monday to Saturday Rates as above for Handyman and Electrician (8am – 6pm)
Charges do not include the cost of materials, parking, ULEZ, or the Congestion Charge.
Please note we add 25% to the cost of materials we purchase on your behalf.

The BBOJ Price Difference

The difference with BBOJ lies in the fact that we offer a balance between genuine care and expertise with affordability. We want to give you a fair handyman painting cost near me, for example, that is genuinely great value. Just because you pay a low price for painting or carpet fitting doesn’t always mean you are going to get the best service. Therefore, we encourage you to take a closer look at what we have to offer.

Reach out to our team, and we’ll offer you cheap handyman prices near me which not only beat the competition in terms of pricing, they’ll beat other firms and specialists in terms of care and expertise, too. BBOJ is here to make DIY a doddle, and at the same time, we don’t want to charge you more than the going rate for a handyman. Trust us on this – value is at the heart of everything we do! Call now and learn more.