Get ready for Spring!

Get ready for Spring!


It’s that time again.  Spring is finally here, and for millions of people, that means finally getting their homes in order.  You’ve left some of the bigger jobs over the winter to fester.  Who can blame you?  No one’s really going to feel up to doing the grouting over Christmas.  However, now April is in full swing, it’s time to think about looking for reliable handyman services London and elsewhere to start tackling some of those bigger, more pressing jobs you’ve been leaving to one side.  Need a bathroom handyman to replace a few tiles?  Want a garden handyman to get those bushes cut?  Let’s take a look at a few odd jobs that a general, reliable handyman will be able to tackle for you this spring.

Get Your Plumbing Fixed

So – you’ve been dealing with noisy pipes all winter.  You’re pretty sure you have a leak somewhere in the basement, but you daren’t do anything about it, for fear of setting the boiler off in the middle of the cold snap.  However, things are starting to get on your nerves.  You could take a wrench and a hammer to the problem, but let’s face it, that’s only going to make things worse.

Therefore, it’s time to looking for an affordable handyman plumber. Find a handyman near me who can tackle your water and piping problems as quickly as possible.  Plumbing can be really complex, but unfortunately, it’s something we all depend on.  Without a good plumbing system, we’d be left without working toilets, sinks, hot water – you name it.

A talented bathroom handyman near me will be able to take a look at any flushing or plughole issues, too.  There’s really no need to tackle this yourself – you might end up doing more harm than good!

Start Redecorating

Ok – now, it’s time to sort out the wallpaper in the front room.  It’s been peeling since November, and you’re pretty sure condensation is making it worse.  Who knows what nastiness lies beneath!  Therefore, instead of taking a fresh sheet or two to the wall, you might want to call on a professional, local handyman London homes rely on for decorating jobs.

An overall handyman will help you to get your rooms looking great again.  Want to give your skirting boards a fresh lick up paint?  Struggling to get those shelves up?  It’s time to call in a local handyman expert as a priority.  You might not have the time or energy to handle it all yourself.  Therefore, take a chance on hiring a London general handyman.  They’ll even bring their own ladder if you ask nicely!

Fix That Faulty Socket

It’s high time you got your electrics looked at, too.  There’s a slightly dodgy socket that you’ve been avoiding for a while now.  You know the one.  It’s been sitting idle because you daren’t set fire to the house!  It’s a socket which, by rights, should be working fine.  However, it appears that there’s something going on behind the scenes that’s rendered it completely useless.  Why spend more time avoiding it?  Get a general London handyman to come out and give it a once or twice over.

An electrical handyman near me can make sure to test and fix any socket problems you may be having.  This means that, instead of trying to fix the problem yourself – and to risk causing yourself any serious harm – you’ll be able to hire someone qualified to take care of it all for you.

Electrical problems could be some of the most dangerous in the home.  It makes zero sense to try and fix them on your own.  Therefore, be careful to call an experienced, qualified technician near me.

Can a General Handyman Really Do All This?

Yes!  Believe it or not, an overall garden handyman, plumber handyman and otherwise could be rolled into one simple package.  At BBOJ, we aim to provide as many different services as possible.  However, our team is always ready to handle even the trickiest jobs with the utmost care.  You’ll benefit from qualified specialists who will be more than able to fix some of the more burning issues your home has been facing over the winter.

It’s true – we’ll even help you redecorate.  It’s fair to say that not everyone has the time or the ability to paint or decorate on their own.  It means taking time off work or using holiday time to fix everything up.  Some of us just want to sit back and relax!

We can hardly blame you.  At BBOJ, we’re here to keep you safe, and to take some of the more niggling jobs off your plate.  From dodgy grouting to odd-smelling pipes, spring is the best time to start getting these tasks in order.  Call us now at 0208 244 5070 for a free quote, or email BBOJ for more details – and we will be back in touch for a chat!

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