Don’t wait for Spring, 4 winter home improvements to do this January

Don’t wait for Spring, 4 winter home improvements to do this January

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It may be cold and bleak outside, but that is no reason you can’t make some small home improvements to breathe some new life into your property right now. Here’s four changes you can make this month.

1. Update your kitchen cabinets by swapping in new doors and handles

Kitchen cabinets

Installing a completely new kitchen can be an expensive project, but you can achieve much of the same effect by simply replacing the cupboard doors and handles.

Kitchen cabinets can becoming tired and stained after a few years. Thankfully, however, many stores offer the same sized cabinets and drawers for decades, which means that to give your kitchen a completely fresh look you could replace those peeling old white cabinet doors and drawers with something more modern.

If you are comfortable with DIY then you can probably replace all the cabinet doors and handles as a weekend project, but for those who don’t have the time or skills, then our reliable handymen can help you find the right replacements and install them for you.

2. Add some additional kitchen storage

Kitchen spoons hanging

Kitchens are never big enough. No matter how much space you have, somehow there is never enough space for all your pans, gadgets, and everything else.

Whilst you probably do not have the room to add some more cabinets for storage, you may be able to add a simple hooks or a peg board to an otherwise empty patch of wall or on the side of a cabinet, giving you space to hang mugs or other items, releasing valuable space in the drawers and cupboards.

Our handymen can help you find some new storage space in your kitchen, whether that is as simple as installing a peg board or our skilled carpenters building you a bespoke cabinet to precisely fill that last little gap.

3. Add new taps to your bathroom sink

Bathroom sink

Most of us add taps to a bathroom when it is originally installed, and as long as they continue to work never think about them again. However, taps are a relatively cheap item to replace in a bathroom and can really give the room a new focus.

If nothing else, changing from separate hot and cold taps to a single unified taps will improve your bathroom experience by giving you the opportunity to wash you face with warm water, not just ice cold or boiling hot!

You can buy beautiful replacement taps for under £150, but unless you are comfortable with changing them yourself it might be best to get a skilled plumber in to swap them in.

4. Refresh the grouting in your bathroom

Shower and bathroom tiles

No matter how good your bathroom cleaning regimen, after a a few years bathroom grouting will start to discolour and look a little tired. Regrouting the tiles can therefore be a fantastic way to breath new life into the room, and make it gleam like new.

It can be difficult to know which grouting to use and to make it all look neat if you do not have the experience, so a handyman is a great way to get the job done within a strict budget. And if you already have a multi-skilled handyman in to change the taps, then they could refresh the grouting and do any other odd jobs at the same time – no need for additional disruption or multiple call-out fees.

Photographs by Bich Tran / Point 3D / Caroline Attwood / Zac Gudakov / Andrea Davis

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