DIY Tips

What a handyman can do for you

What a handyman can do for you

o you have a “to do” list that never seems to get done? How about that deck that hasn’t been water-sealed in ten years? Perhaps what you need is a handyman to whittle down that list.

5 timeless paint colours for your home

5 timeless paint colours for your home

Whether you’re looking for a complete home makeover or you’re desperate for a change in your interior, a fresh coat of paint is always a great solution. How do you know the best colour choice for your home, and how do you know you won’t be sick of it this time next...

Tips to Repair Broken Tiles

Tips to Repair Broken Tiles

Let’s face it, accidents happen, things get broken, and depending on the thing, this can be more or less of a big problem. When it comes to certain things though, having to deal with it being broken can be very time consuming and expensive. For example, perhaps you...

Tips for your DIY painting jobs

Tips for your DIY painting jobs

At some point or another, most of us have attempted DIY painting jobs either in our own homes, or those of family members and/or friends. Sadly, the general conclusion is that DIY paint jobs never really turn out quite the way that we hoped that they would, and you...

5 room renovation ideas you can DIY

5 room renovation ideas you can DIY

Ever considered taking on a bit of house remodelling before? To change the look of your room or space, you don’t have to lift everything up or take everything apart. In fact, there are lots of things you can do to renovate your home under your own steam. There are...

A quick guide on hanging pictures

A quick guide on hanging pictures

While hanging pictures may seem like a pretty easy job, it’s actually more intricate than you might think. When you hire a leading company or specialist to help you decorate and transform the look of your home, you’re bound to pick up plenty of tips and tricks –...

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